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The Pros of Artificial Intelligence and What we Can Expect

The Pros of Artificial Intelligence and What we Can Expect - The Pros of Artificial Intelligence and What we Can Expect

When you hear about artificial intelligence and labour being taken over by robots, what’s the first thing that springs to mind? Is it perhaps the possibility of the human race finally taking the plunge and being killed by robots? Or perhaps you envision something similar to what was portrayed in Pixar’s Wall E, where everyone has gained too much weight and Earth has become a wasteland.

Whatever your hopes or fears on the possibilities of incorporating artificial intelligence in daily life, we’ve come to shed some light on the matter.

There have been numerous advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) over the past couple of years. More recently this is thanks to the development of deep learning software frameworks and the huge amount of data mined from the internet. This is also due to developments in processor technology that have increased the performance of artificial neural networks.

What You Need to Know

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First and foremost, we need to come to terms with the fact that AI will not be perfect. As with any software development it will take some time to get the kinks out of the cables. These computers are built to complete specific functions. They are not built to take initiative or understand the human condition, or think for themselves.

What we know as AI today is mainly seen in technology like cloud-based storage, the use of smart devices and smart applications as well as cars. There is of course the possibility for these devices to become more advanced, but for this to be possible there has to be a spike in advancement with the technology.

It is important to note that these systems will never be perfect to the point where we will be able to rely fully on AIs capabilities. It is a learning curve and something that will take time to fine-tune to perfection.

A World of Possibilities

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With advanced technology and AI there are a lot of industries and sectors that can greatly benefit from implementing it. Not only can it create a safer space for data storage, but it can also provide much needed support to the medical industry.

Other industries that will be able to benefit from AI includes transportation. In this specific aspect, AI will be able to enable transportation on roads without the needs of traffic lights for the transportation of goods and commuters.

Artificial Intelligence will create a safer space for us while enhancing our everyday lives. We can already see and experience the benefits of AI now, imagine what the future of AI will have to bring to the table.

Amazon Bites the Dust as Microsoft Overtakes as Second Largest Company

Amazon Bites the Dust as Microsoft Overtakes as Second Largest Company 2 - Amazon Bites the Dust as Microsoft Overtakes as Second Largest Company

Microsoft is once again the second-largest company in the United States since Amazon erased $68.1 billion in market capitalisation. The company fell short of Wall Street’s revenue expectations in the third quarter this year.

The stock market experienced its worst day of trading on Friday. The last time stocks fell drastically was on the 24th of October 2014. Amazon’s stock fell 7.8% and has a market cap of $803.28 billion with owner Jeff Bezos lost $11 billion in equity value.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, also experienced a massive setback with a 1.8% dip on Friday. Some of the world leaders in tech, and the strongest companies has experienced underperformance for the past three months. The ‘FANG’ collective, consisting of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google has renewed a sell-off in the FANG stocks.

Since July of this year, Alphabet, Facebook and Netflix have lost more than 15%. S&P 500 has also lost 6.3% while Amazon lost 9%. The price movement on the 26th of October has pushed Amazon even further away from a $1 trillion market cap, something the company achieved earlier this year. Only one other company has achieved this feat in the past, Apple.

Thanks to the movement in the stock market it provided Microsoft the opportunity to climb up where the tech giant is now ahead of Amazon. Microsoft’s market cap is currently standing at $821.05 billion.

How to React When Stocks Dip

business 1730089 960 720 - Amazon Bites the Dust as Microsoft Overtakes as Second Largest Company
According to experts, the worst thing to do during market slams and dips is to sell your shares. According to expert Warren Buffet, the best approach is to be positive when other traders are afraid of losing everything, and to be extra wary when they are greedy.

If history has taught us one thing it’s that a dip in the markets is a golden opportunity to buy stock. A slam in the market is usually paired with a recovery and growth period. A dip in the market can also be an indication of the beginning of a bear market. What to do then?

The best thing to do is to have a solid understanding of the economy, financial trends and to avoid making investment and selling choices based on your fear or emotions. For you to overcome your fear of losing money, keep your long-term goals in mind and remain calm. Making money from investing in the stock market is possible only when you remain clear-headed.

Matt Shepard Laid to Rest 20 Years After Brutal Attack

Matt Shepard Laid to Rest 20 Years After Brutal Attack 1 - Matt Shepard Laid to Rest 20 Years After Brutal Attack

Matthew Shepard was kidnapped, assaulted and left to die in Wyoming in 1998. The heinous crime was driven by hatred and unacceptance of the gay community. Twenty years after the horrible crime was committed, Matthew was laid to rest in Washington National Cathedral on Friday 26 October.

lost places old decay ruin 162389 1024x682 - Matt Shepard Laid to Rest 20 Years After Brutal Attack

The death of Shepard is seen as an international and inspiring symbol for the fight against crimes directed at the LGBT community. In October 1998, Matt Shepard was tied to a post in Wyoming where his attackers brutally hit and assaulted him with the butt of a pistol. He was left on the post in the cold for eighteen hours. He passed away in a hospital a couple of days after he was found.

This hate crime has become a national and international symbol for the fight against hate crimes specifically aimed at the LGBT community. After the death of Shepard, the world but more specifically the United States were shocked and clamped down on their laws on hate crimes.

The Shepard’s also established a foundation aimed at combating hate crimes against the LGBT community and supporting the youth who forms a part of this community. Matt Shepard’s attackers both got life sentences for the crime they committed.

Dennis and Judy Shepard, Matt’s parents, are grateful for the opportunity to have Matt’s remains laid to rest in the Washing National Cathedral. It is an honour and privilege and here he shares the space with other inspirational leaders of America. The family is happy to be able to share Matthew’s memory with members of the public.

The episcopal church sees no less than 270,000 visitors annually, all of whom will now be able to pay their respects and honour the memory of Matthew Shepard.

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Matt’s parents have been looking for a final resting place for his remains for a very long time. As dedicated Episcopalians, having his ashes interred at Washington National Cathedral was the perfect option. Here there would be no risk of vandalism and they will be able to find peace after twenty years finally.

Reverend Gene Robinson, the church’s first gay bishop and a family friend of the Shepards, said on Friday that now the family can finally get some closure. The family has also donated some of Matt’s belongings to the Smithsonian Museum, in the hopes that people would get to know their lost son as a person rather than a symbol of LGBT rights.

6 Important Tips to Keep your Data Safe

6 Important Tips to Keep your Data Safe - 6 Important Tips to Keep your Data Safe

While the world of tech is rapidly changing on a daily basis, there are always risk involved. And like with many other risks like natural disasters that might hit, you should have an emergency plan and measures in place to ensure the security and safety of your data. Just like you would have measures in place such as having extra water, flash lights and blankets in case a natural disaster hits, you must have security measures in place to protect your data.

Join us as we provide some tips on how you can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your data is protected from any possible disasters.

1. Be Organised

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Having your data organised is the first and most important step to ensure nothing is lost when disaster strikes. To implement this step, you have to perform a collection, organisation and accounting of your files. This will ensure you’ve got everything you need and perform regular backups.

2. Have an Action Plan in Place

pexels photo 270694 1024x684 - 6 Important Tips to Keep your Data Safe

Just like creating an evacuation plan, you should have a plan in place regarding the security of your data. This should consider different types of threats, the severity thereof and how it should be managed. Stipulate who is accountable for what, prioritising your data as an asset.

3. File Your Network

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You should have intimate knowledge of your network, how it works and how it is managed. To aid you in optimal data security, create network maps and mark each appropriately. This will ensure you can setup your network in another location should you have to when disaster strikes.

4. Make Use of Cloud Storage

pexels photo 335907 1024x686 - 6 Important Tips to Keep your Data Safe

As an extra precaution, you need to have backups of your data stored in a safe place. The cloud is specifically recommended in this regard and also an ideal place to store your data management plan. This ensures everyone in your corporation can access the plan and apply it accordingly.

5. Don’t Leave it till the Last Minute

pexels photo 461077 1024x682 - 6 Important Tips to Keep your Data Safe

Disaster strikes when you least expect it. Instead of salvaging what is left of your data, you should be prepared in case of an emergency. By applying and creating a data management and security plan, you will be prepared should any disaster or emergency strike and possibly damage your data.

6. Safeguard Your Hardware

technology servers server 159282 1024x768 - 6 Important Tips to Keep your Data Safe

You may want to keep devices to store your data on as a backup combined with cloud storage. If you choose to go this route, it is of utmost importance that you keep your devices protected at all cost. Check cables regularly, keep it away from fire hazards and make use of surge protectors.

Being sure that your data is safe and sound is paramount for the success of your company. Failing in having a plan in place that protects your data can have chaotic consequences and may lead to loss of income or even bankruptcy. By following these tips your data should be safe and sound.

Humanly, Titz is a disaster


Mergim Mavraj played no more role under Christian Titz at HSV. The coach sent him to the club’s U21. Now the defender follows against the coach and reckons bitterly with him.

It is often the last resort of despair. If it doesn’t work, the trainer has to go. One goes, the next comes. The Hamburger SV has gone to these very often in recent years. For the last time last March. Christian Titz came for the hapless Bernd Hollerbach. The 47-year-old didn’t manage to save HSV from the first relegation in the club’s history, but he nevertheless sparked a new enthusiasm in the team and in the surrounding area.

But not everyone was enthusiastic about the new coach. One of Titz’s first official acts was to ban Mergim Mavraj from the professional squad. He sent the central defender to the amateurs. The degradation continues to have an effect on the Albanian to this day. “Humanly this coach is a disaster”, Mavraj said to the “picture”.

Mavraj had to train until the end of the season with the U21, which only plays in the regional league. “As one of the few in the entire club, Mr. Titz obviously didn’t trust me to be able to help the team. It’s the right of a coach to sort out a player – it’s all about the way it’s played,” said Mavraj.

participating crowd

Mavraj had to train until the end of the season in the U21, which only plays in the regional league. “As one of the few in the entire club, Mr. Titz obviously didn’t trust me to be able to help the team. It’s the right of a coach to sort out a player – it’s all about the way it’s played,” Mavraj said.

The 32-year-old left HSV in the summer to join Greek first division club Aris Saloniki. According to his own statements, Titz never explained to him why he no longer played a role for him. “It almost had a system not to talk to the players you no longer needed. But I was an extreme case again,” said Mavraj.
Mavraj already sat under Hollerbach only on the bench.

Except for the four months under Titz, he does not regret his time with the Hamburgers. In the 2016/17 season, Mavraj under Markus Gisdol formed the central defence together with Kyriakos Papadopoulos and managed to keep his class on the last matchday. But already under Titz’ predecessor Hollerbach Mavraj was mostly sitting on the bench. Betbright sports is just recently launched.

“But maybe I have to apologize to Mr. Titz as well. For the fact that Papadopoulos and I under Gisdol hit so hard in the winter of 2017 and he therefore had to wait so long for his long-awaited Bundesliga job,” said Mavraj. He does not associate the time under Titz with the HSV: “The gratitude that I was allowed to be part of the successful class maintenance under Markus Gisdol outweighs.

Everyone should cool down a little

FC schalke

Düsseldorf Once again, FC Bayern is at the top of the league. Basically, everything in the league is as usual. Only Schalke and Bayer 04 Leverkusen are still lagging behind.

It’s only the third (!) matchday in the Bundesliga and already all those involved are terribly excited. But many things are the same as always. The FC Bayern Munich is enthroned at the top, behind it the competition is united in humility. Zuggen, a few clubs pull in these days with still another portion more restraint by the country. At FC Schalke 04 they wanted to take a step forward after the runner-up championship last season. Probably they didn’t mean seriously to challenge the Bavarians, but wanted to consolidate their own style of play. But so far there is not so much to see about that. The king’s blues still have frighteningly big difficulties to internalize the ways of their work colleagues. But one can learn (in real time).

In Mönchengladbach many things look surprisingly easy. The first minutes against the squires have already made the first ones reminisce about Borussia Barcelona. To the general reassurance: until then it is still a long way. After all, Borussia’s manager Max Eberl did everything right when he repeatedly defended his continued cooperation with coach Dieter Hecking. In the Borussia environment, the man from Castrop-Rauxel is obviously notexciting” enough for some. Hecking would do well not to change anything about his “packaging”, but to concentrate on his “contents”.

bayern munich

Dieter Hecking Honours


VfB Lübeck
  • Regionalliga Nord: 2001–02 (Promotion to 2. Bundesliga)
  • Schleswig-Holstein Cup: 2001
Alemannia Aachen
  • 2. Bundesliga promotion: 2005–06
VfL Wolfsburg
  • DFB-Pokal: 2014–15
  • DFL-Supercup: 2015


  • German Football Manager of the Year: 2015

In Leverkusen, you can once again marvel at how blue-eyed people sometimes go about their work in football. Heiko Herrlich is a totally likeable guy. However, he has already lost support in the club some time ago. Why, why, why – difficult to break down. In any case, he is already counted after the third matchday. Colleague Mr Hecking is absolutely right when he calls speculations about dismissal miserable. Once again, during the summer break, a club missed out on a clear position. In any case, there is no other way to explain why all the plans developed together should be worthless at such an early stage of the season. Karamba bet offers a very simple free bet promo to their bonuses.

The Bundesliga would do well to assess itself correctly. In the international competitions, no German representative could sustainably advertise on their own behalf. What matters most is the content and not the packaging. Only three days after the goalless draw against world champions France, Löw completed his 167th match with the national team. He thus surpassed the previous record set by Sepp Herberger.

Borussia wins against Schalke

soccer coach

Mönchengladbach Borussia has established itself in the top group of the Bundesliga with a win against FC Schalke 04. Despite an early Gladbach goal, the game remained open for a long time.

The second home game, the second victory. After the 2:1 against Leverkusen, Borussia has now also defeated FC Schalke 04 with this result. Matthias Ginter and Patrick Herrmann scored. Now the Borussians have collected seven points after three games, Schalke is still without points. For coach Dieter Hecking’s team it was a deserved victory, especially because of the first half.

Hecking made three personnel changes compared to the first two games of the season. Right at the front was Alassane Plea, who replaced the battered Raffael, for the first time from the beginning in the game. Two Swiss players also made their debut in the starting eleven this season. However, Nico Elvedi did not play in his intended position in the centre of the defensive, but in the back right. In midfield, Denis Zakaria replaced Florian Neuhaus. His fighting power and his length were in demand against the many high grown Schalkers.


Schalke 04 2:1 (1:0)

Mönchengladbach Summer – Elvedi, Ginter, Jantschke, Wendt – Strobl – Hofmann, Zakaria (72nd Kramer) – Johnson (67th Herrmann), Plea (86th Neuhaus), Hazard. – Trainer: Hecking

Schalke Fährmann – Salif Sane, Naldo, Nastasic – Rudy, Bentaleb – Caligiuri, Mendyl (25th Schöpf) – Di Santo (67th Embolo) – Uth, Burgstaller (67th Teuchert). – Trainer: Tedesco

Referee Manuel Gräfe (Berlin)

Goals 1:0 Ginter (3.), 2:0 Herrmann (76.), 2:1 Embolo (90.+3)

Spectators 54,022 (sold out)

Yellow Cards Mendyl, Schöpf, Nastasic, Embolo

The “Lulatsche” on the other side were overwhelmed after only three minutes. Jonas Hofmann kicked a corner long and found Matthias Ginter, whose header was dropped into the net by Schalke’s goalkeeper Ralf Fährmann. Ginter’s sixth goal for Gladbach, the first of the season, brought an early 1-0 win. Spicy: Both Hofmann and Ginter used to play for Schalke’s great rival Borussia Dortmund.

The lead was deserved because Borussia was playfully superior. Schalke was perhaps a little more innovative with the poison-green jerseys, but the Gladbachers shone footballerically. Especially Jonas Hofmann enjoyed the game, he was always the initiator of promising offensive actions. So he played a very fine pass to Thorgan Hozard, who was slightly offside (18th) – luckily for Plea, because the Frenchman missed the goal from five meters in the scene. “The miss would have been viral,” speculated tactics expert Tobias Escher on Twitter.

There were further good chances. However, Hazard failed after 29 minutes to Fährmann, after 37 minutes, the goalkeeper also fended off a header from Plea. There were plenty of chances to score 2-0, the second goal would also have been appropriate. But it could easily have been 1-1. Because there were the one or other careless mistake with which Schalke options were opened before the goal. Yann Sommer, however, first responded with a superb header from Salif Sané and then took Mark Uth’s shot.

Jonas Hofmann Honours


Borussia Dortmund
  • Bundesliga: 2010–11, 2011–12
  • DFB-Pokal: 2011–12
  • DFL-Supercup: 2013, 2014
  • UEFA Champions League: Runners-up 2012–13

It was like so often in the Gladbacher games against Schalke: They were superior, but did not fix the matter. Thus Schalke remained in the game and dangerous, in particular with standards. To make it more difficult for the Borussians to build up the game, Franco Di Santo took Borussia’s only sixth Tobias Strobl in man-to-man cover. After the change of sides, Schalke was also far more keen to avert the third defeat in a row. The team of Domenico Tedesco put more pressure. And scored. But Mark Uth was offside (50th).

Borussia was now challenged to find herself again and hold her ground. But the access to the game was gone for the time being, there were hardly any pressing moments left, with which Hecking’s team had caused so big problems for the opponent in the first run. Schalke, however, didn’t get much of a chance. The best opportunity to score was Zakaria, but after Oscar Wendt’s flank he shot his head past the goal (65th). Then Hofmann played Patrick Herrmann free, who also missed the goal with his left hand. Sportnation bet offers a live betting.

The fans, who celebrated the 30th birthday of the FP MG Supporters Club with a choreo, felt that the Gladbachers needed their support and switched to continuous singing mode. It was understandable, however, that quite a few Gladbach friends on the net were fatalistically reminded of some missed victories against Schalke. In the 72nd minute Christoph Kramer also made his season debut, he should be active as a stabilizer in the decisive phase of the game. Patrick Herrmann then made the decision. After a turn flank Plea put away and Herrmann scored with a well timed flat shot. Herrmann roared out his joy, the fans celebrated.

World Billionaires Rake It in with a 20% increase in Wealth

World Billionaires Rake It in with a 20 increase in Wealth - World Billionaires Rake It in with a 20% increase in Wealth

In China there had reportedly been sixteen billionaires 12 years ago. This number alone has increased to 373, a staggering 2,200 percent.

The total wealth of billionaires around the world in 2017 was at an astounding $8.9 trillion, indicating a growth of at least 19%. China is at the head of the growth trend, adding an estimated two billionaires to the list per day. Along with this growth trend is the growing number of beneficiaries. During 2017 the number of beneficiaries has grown with an impressive overall percentage of 17%.

pexels photo 259132 1024x768 - World Billionaires Rake It in with a 20% increase in Wealth

According to the study conducted by UBS, the highest growth percentage regarding wealth belongs to another demographic. The study reveals that the number of women who are billionaires have increased with 9% during 2017. Currently female billionaires make up one tenth of the world’s wealthiest.

The trend indicates that female billionaires from China consist mostly of entrepreneurial business women, while female billionaires from Europe consist mainly of beneficiaries. Upon inheriting billions, the latter group tend to invest in entrepreneurial ventures.

The report by UBS indicates that China only had sixteen billionaires a mere twelve years ago. The number has increased drastically to 373. Thanks to this massive increase, China now accounts for 20% of the world’s billionaires.

The study conducted by UBS also reveals that the US is facing a challenge thanks to China’s rapid increase and growth in technological advancement. This is, according to the report, the driving factor of China’s riches. China boasts some of the world’s largest tech companies, including Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu.

This is however not the only source of China’s increase in wealth and billionaires. Another notable contributor is the increase in start-ups, with the majority of China’s billionaires being self-made entrepreneurs. During 2017 the country had produced an impressive 98 billionaires, a number that’s way ahead of Europe and the US.

Jamal Khashoggi’s Fiancé Rejects Trump’s Invite

Jamal Khashoggi’s Fiancé Rejects Trump’s Invite - Jamal Khashoggi’s Fiancé Rejects Trump’s Invite

Hatice Cengiz has declined president Donald Trump’s invitation to visit the White House. During the very first interview after the tragic death of her fiancé, Cengiz recounted the events that played off before Khashoggi visited the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.


Khashoggi had visited the consulate to get papers for the upcoming nuptials, but never returned to his fiancé who waited for him outside. Riyadh had repeatedly denied knowledge of Khashoggi’s whereabouts, until admitting that his torture and death had been premeditated.

A tearful Cengiz had said during the interview that she had declined president Trump’s invite because she perceived it to be politically driven. The fiancé of Khashoggi said that the invite to the White House was a strategic effort on president’s Trump behalf to win public favour.

Prince Mohammed and president Trump had been cultivating friendly ties in the past, but the sudden disappearance and death of Washington Post journalist Khashoggi has prompted the US president to question the Saudi ruler’s responsibility of the murder.

Khashoggi had visited the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on September 28, and according to Cengiz he had concerns about the visit. Khashoggi had a solid base of followers and supporters in Turkey, and during his first visit experienced a meeting that went well which put his mind at ease. Cengiz said during her first television interview after the murder that her fiancé had been worried about what could happen during his visit at the consulate.

Cengiz relates that her fiancé had a solid network in Turkey, and that he ultimately felt safe. She also said that he assumed that if he were to be held for interrogation, that matters would be taken care of swiftly and without any serious repercussions.

The Turkish president, Tayyip Erdogan, has since insisted that Saudi Arabia come forth with information on who is responsible for ordering the death of Khashoggi.